SAFRA Punggol

Dear SAFRA Members and Guests,

In view of the upcoming National Day, please be informed that the following vendors at SAFRA Punggol will have a change in operating hours:

Play & Enrichment

  • Stepup Learning & Dance – Closed on 9, 11 & 12 Aug
  • Bazgym – Closed on 9, 11 & 12 Aug
  • Speech Academy Asia – 9 Aug (2pm to 7pm only), 12 Aug (closed)
  • Artary – Closed on 9 & 11 Aug only
  • Tien Hsia Language School – Closed on 12 Aug only
  • LCentral English – Closed on 9 to 11 Aug
  • KUNO Method – Closed on 9, 11 & 12 Aug. 10 Aug (10am to 1pm only)

Fitness & Leisure

  • Taekwondonomics – Closed from 9 to 12 Aug
  • Yoga inc – 9 Aug (9am to 5pm only)
  • Salt & Light Archery – 9 Aug (9am to 6pm only)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we look forward to your continuous patronage. Thank you!

      • Tel: 6585 8718
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      SAFRA Punggol - Waterfront living catering to family lifestyle needs & recreation!

      • 9 Sentul Crescent, Punggol, Singapore 828654 (view map)

      Nestled in the scenic Punggol Waterway Park, SAFRA Punggol is the first eco-friendly SAFRA club to receive the prestigious Building and Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum award. It is an ideal destination for NSmen and their families to have fun and unwind with a wide range of lifestyle facilities and programmes.

      The five-storey club features unique play and enrichment options for families, including the first indoor water playground in Singapore, the largest NurtureStars Preschool and a series of educational centres offering programmes ranging from linguistics to the Arts.

      SAFRA Punggol also features an exciting suite of fitness and leisure choices. It houses an EnergyOne gym, bowling centre, KTV outlet, electronic darts bar, yoga studio and spa and wellness centre. The club also offers a different range of sports facilities as compared to other SAFRA clubs which house dedicated swimming pools and badminton courts within the clubs. Leveraging on its unique and seamless integration with the surrounding park, SAFRA Punggol offers cycling, rollerblading, running, as well as potential water activities that are being explored.

      Further down the road, the Punggol Regional Sports Centre will be co-located beside the club as part of the Punggol 21 Masterplan aimed at optimising land use and offering visitors a wider spread of facilities within the location. Once the new Punggol Regional Sports Centre is completed next door, SAFRA members will also have convenient and direct access to its swimming pools and a host of other sports facilities.


      Amenities and Facilities

      Our wide range of facilities and services include


      Club Promotions

      Join us for a host of unique activities and exclusive promotions where we bring you endless fun and more bonding opportunities!


      Interest Groups


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      Carpark Rates

      Vehicle Type Day & Time Member Public
      Cars Off-Peak
      (Mon - Sat,
      6.00am to 5.59pm )
      $1.25 per hour
      Progressive rate for subsequent duration in
      15-minutes blocks at $0.32
      $2.30 per hour
      Progressive rate for subsequent duration in
      15-minutes blocks at $0.58
      (Mon - Sat,
      6.00pm to 5.59am next day;
      Sun & PH,
      6.00am to 5.59am next day)
      $2.40 per entry $4.00 per entry
      Motorcycles Daily
      6.00am to 5.59am
      $0.65 per entry $1.25 per entry

      *Rates are inclusive of GST | 15 mins grace period