Five Dream Phone Features

Five Dream Phone Features

We have come into the age of the smartphone. The smartphone has become such an integral part of modern life that our eyes are constantly glued to it. It has gotten to a point that prank collective, Improv Everywhere have started a ‘Seeing Eye People’ service in New York City. You can watch their hilarious experiment for text obsessed pedestrians here

But, it does drive the point home. Our smartphones and us are almost inseparable. So much so, that we are even willing to call it our second brain. 

Hence, we are wondering what other features will make the smartphone the quintessential must have gadget. 

1. A Genuine People Personality Smartphone
Forget Siri. We are talking about a smartphone which combines genuine personality with prowess. Think Jarvis from Iron Man 3 meets Marvin from The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy

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Not only do you get your wish for a personal secretary, but you will never ever forget any engagement or appointment. Your life will be highly organised and you will never be out of touch of your personal matters. Post-It notes are probably going to be extinct!

Plus, the fact that it comes with a genuine people personality means that it can also act as an empathising friend whenever you need a listening ear. And, you can be sure that your smartphone is no snitch.

2. Android exoskeleton 
If the smartphone is going to have a personality, why not give it a body to boot? Plug your smartphone into an external robotic frame and it can double up as your housekeeper. Foreign maids’ levy just went up? No sweat! Now, you have an ever ready friend who never needs to sleep. It is your butler, cleaner, chef and security guard all rolled into one. Just don’t forget to charge your metallic friend.

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3. 4D media player 
It is already a major miracle that we are able to watch video and listen to music on our smartphones. It was only ten years ago that a blue backlight was latest ‘in-thing’ with the Nokia 8310. Hence, we are sure that 4D will be the future.

If you haven’t heard, the first 4D movie experience was recently launched in Japan. Japanese movie goers who watched the 4D version of Iron Man 3 not only experience the movie in full 3D glory, but with additional simulated tremors and scents which correspond to the movie’s scenes.

Now, imagine if you can have such an experience on your smartphone. You can submerge yourself into the apocalyptic wasteland of the popular television series, The Walking Dead or experience an intimate concert with your favourite music artist. All this from the comfort of your seat. Talk about a multi-sensory experience!

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4. Smell A Vision 
So, Google nearly punk’d us with their Google Nose on April Fools’. But, what if it is possible? Imagine the many applications that this invention will have. You can make more informed dining choices based on the uploaded smells on a restaurant web site and smell exactly what Anthony Bourdain tastes in the other side of the world. 

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But most importantly, you can now stop relying on those over the top descriptions of cologne and perfume and trust your nose instead!

5. Teleporter
This will put an end to all transport woes. No more traffic jams, transport break downs and high fuel prices. How many of us have fantasised about the day when you can say, “Beam me up, Scotty” like in Star Trek and be instantaneously  transported to our destination? 

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In addition, you will never be late for another appointment. Now, if only this feature was a reality now.


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