First EnergyOne Gym Visit

EnergyOne Pre-Enlistee

First EnergyOne Gym Visit

Is this your first gym visit? Check out our tips below to find out more on prepping for a safe and enjoyable time!

What do I wear on my first gym visit?

Light and breathable clothing along with comfortable shoes. With cross trainers being the most ideal shoes as they offer the appropriate flexibility and cushioning needed for gym use.

What should I prepare for my first gym visit?

You should usually wait for one to two hours after a heavy meal before beginning a strenuous workout as your body hasn’t had the time to digest the food you have just consumed. A light snack may not cause much trouble, but a heavy meal might cause health issues if you do not have a stomach of steel.
Prep essentials such as towels, extra clothes and water bottle.
Stop any gym activities if you are feeling unwell.
Start with warm up exercises before exercising.
Seek the gym trainers & staff help if you are unfamiliar on machine usage.
Download your SAFRA mobile app for EnergyOne gym entry.

Gym Etiquette

Do not hog the gym machine for too long as there are others who would want to use the machines as well.
Wipe down the equipment machine after using so that the next person can use it comfortably.
Use the gym equipment with care.
Return the gym equipment to their designated locations after use.
If someone else is using the machines, please ask before you use them.
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